Team Mawon

Mélanie Montinard

Mélanie Montinard is a researcher on the subject of Migration and a social entrepreneur with more than 11 years of work as a leader in humanitarian projects in several continents, notably with the re-socialization of child soldiers and support for immigrants. She has experience as a consultant for social projects for the UN in Haiti and Brazil and is a strong supporter of cultural integration as a means of promoting equity and justice among people. She has a postgraduate degree in International Law from the University of Münster (Germany) and a PhD in Social Anthropology from UFRJ (Brazil).

Robert (Bob) Montinard

Robert (Bob) Montinard, a Haitian cultural producer, has 18 years of experience in Conflict Mediation in International Cooperation between Haiti and Brazil. Living since 2010 in Rio de
Janeiro, he develops and articulates cultural projects whose goal is to make the migrants’ cultures and histories visible. Also to offering a support network for their businesses.

In 2017 he founded Mawon, an impact business (Social Business) that transforms migratory journeys into legal, safe and culturally rich experiences.

Nathalia Braga

Nathalia Braga has a degree in Economics from PUC with a specialization in Finance from COPPEAD. She has 10 years of experience in different financial areas in the private sector, such as Sete Brasil and Neoenergia. In 2016, she started a Masters in International Development at RMIT University.

In 2019, she officially became responsible for Mawon's financial management.

Graziele Vieira

Graziele Vieira has a degree in International Relations from UFRJ. She has 3 years of experience
in the consular section of Itamaraty and works as an operations analyst at Mawon.

Yuri Bittencourt Tonani

Yuri Bittencourt Tonani has a bachelor's degree in International Relations from PUC and an MBA in Marketing from Poli-UFRJ. He has experience with Web Analytics, SEO, SEM and E-commerce. Yuri worked on the innovation team at the Rio de Janeiro Finance and Planning
Treasury Office and is currently responsible for Mawon's new customer acquisition strategy.

Beatriz Maciel

Beatriz Maciel is a Social Scientist, Master's student in Sociology at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), and her research is about mobility and immigration on a global level. She has 3 years of experience in the third sector and is responsible for communication at Mawon.