A Mawon atua de forma a promover direitos e auxiliar na INTEGRAÇÃO dos migrantes em situação de vulnerabilidade através de uma articulação baseada na EDUCAÇÃO, na CULTURA e na ARTE. Nossa missão é construir pontes para defender a MOBILIDADE HUMANA e fortalecer a geração de RENDA dos migrantes no cenário brasileiro.


Com esse intuito, realizamos projetos que visam a integração efetiva dos migrantes, valorizando a MULTICULTURALIDADE, a AUTOESTIMA e a AUTONOMIA FINANCEIRA.

Estamos alinhados com os Objetivos Sustentáveis da ONU

+4,5mil migrants with the documentation confirmed 


+250 trained professionals in partnership with the Healthy Secretariats

+100 migrants benefited with generation of income and employability


+12mil indirectly benefited

Our numbers
We operate in the State of Rio de Janeiro in locations such as the West Zone, North Zone, Center or the Baixada Fluminense, where migrants of the most diverse nationalities are concentrated: Haiti, Congo, Angola, Togo, Morocco, Senegal, Venezuela, among others.


The attendants and trainings are realized according to the disponibilities of the partners in locations in these neighborhoods, such as Family clinics and Municipal Schools.

 Our acting is based on 3 pillars that guide our mission which is to promote rights and helping the effective integration of migrants. 

Human Attendiment 

Support for legalization, including documentation procedures, legal guidance and referral to bureaucratic solutions (with key partners such as CEIPARM)

Income Generation

Partnership with companies wishing to hire immigrants, holding workshops for entrepreneurs interships and producing artistic and gastronomic cultural events. 


Language Teaching

Classes near immigrant concentration locations with instrumental methodology and focus on rapid applicability

 A perspective of looking inside for out



As an association of migrants to migrants, we defend this view in an organized and cohesive way for the host society. The team made up of migrants has linguistic abilities to serve migrants in their mother tongue, respecting each other's cultural values ​​and having the ability to understand and support the complex bureaucratic dynamics in the process of staying legal in the country


Moreover, we participate in RedeMir and CEIPARM, where we can pass on the concerns and difficulties encountered in the daily lives of migrants to the competent authorities and try to guide them at the time of decision or regulation.


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