Hybrid model
of our Impact Business

Empreender é gingar o tempo todo para encontrar soluções diante de riscos e conflitos, para fazer as coisas acontecerem.

Mélanie Montinard, co-fundadora da Mawon

Acting since 2011 as one of the main associations on the area of migration in Rio de Janeiro, Mawon reshaped itself in 2018.

Through an innovative business model that aims to self-finance its integration projects, Mawon distances itself from the purely association model, which governs civil society organizations, to establish itself as an Impact Business.

Impact Business

The Impact Business concept was created by Prof. Muhammed Yunus, winner of the Nobel
Peace Prize in 2006, to designate financially self-sustainable initiatives that have a specific
social mission. Focusing on training and income generation for the migrant population, Mawon reaffirms its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To start this pioneering model, Mawon built a hybrid business system that incorporates two CNPJs (Registered Numbers?) - Association and Company - with different activities and goals.


It provides services related to migration, such as documentation and cultural fairs, whose revenue generates income and/or subsidizes services for low-income migrants.


It receives sponsorship funds to develop projects aimed at integrating the migrant population, such as language classes and getting qualification for income generation (employability and entrepreneurship)

Financial Sustainability Model

To generate effective and real impacts, we have developed a model that transfers resources from the Company to the Association, thus ensuring the sustainability of our migrant integration projects.